Fruit-Fuel, it's not rocket science!

About Fruit Burst

It all began with a little group of del monte scientists

After months of mixing, tasting and testing the products on a select group of mini tasters, Fruit Burst was born!

Our mini tasters came from this school

The taste had to be exciting and whizzy!

The taste had to be exciting and whizzy so four funky fruit flavours were created to dazzle the senses in cool cherry and luscious lime, sour apple and strawberry, sweet apple and blackcurrant and sherbet lemon, orange and lime.

Stamina for growing brains!

The scientists knew that so much time was spent at school and that young brains work so hard that they added a super duper vitamin blend to help combat fatigue and tiredness, giving stamina to growing brains.

Fruit Burst also goes the extra brainy mile and wants you to solve the unsolvable so get your thinking caps on and challenge yourself with our brain bending puzzles and illusions on all our packs!