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Learning about living thingS and their habitatS

Bug Hotel This is a brilliant way to help the insects in your garden have a holiday as well as helping to rebuild their natural habitat. Different insects live in very different habitats and a bug hotel caters for lots of different creepy crawlies.

Your bug hotel should ideally have one side facing south east, so it has the sun hitting it in the morning for the pollinators, like bees. The other side should be in the shade for the ground insects, like beetles.

Depending on how big you want your hotel to be, the base can be made out of wooden boxes, crates, pallets, bricks or just logs and sticks.

Bug Hotel

Dead rotten wood

Perfect for beetles, centipedes and woodlice.

Empty Plant potS

Great place for reptiles of all sizes to creep into like frogs, toads and slow worms.

Fir coneS

Good for insects that like nooks and crannies: earwigs, beetles, woodlice, spiders and other creepy crawlies. They also look great!

Dry leaveS, Straw and any bitS off the bottom of a woodland floor

Good for all insects to burrow into.

Bamboo caneS or hollow StalkS in a plant pot or logS or pieceS of wood with holeS

Good for solitary bees and solitary wasps. Make sure to drill the holes between 2mm and 10mm, no bigger.

StickS or small logS piled on top of each other

Good for those nooks and crannies that spiders, beetles, earwigs and other bugs love.

LooSe bark

Dark and protected- perfect for bugs that like dark damp conditions like snails, woodlice and earwigs.

Green plantS and leaveS

Good for caterpillars to munch on and aphids for ladybirds to eat.

Nectar rich flowerS

Perfect for all of the pollinators; bumble bees, honeybees, solitary bees, wasps, solitary wasps and hoverflies.

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