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Why do we dream?

anSwer thiS queStion

Fin, aged 11 thinks...“We dream so that we can explore a different world as a different character. This helps our imagination in the day time.”

Louis, aged 6 thinks...“I think that we dream so that we don't get bored when we are asleep. I would definitely get bored if I didn't dream.”

Mia, aged 11 thinks...“If something exciting has happened that day your brain has that image still and your body looks back on it. So i think we dream because our body is looking back on something.”

Rebecca, aged 12 thinks...“I think we dream because it is like us speaking or doing something all in our head, usually dreams are about the last thing we think of before going to bed.”

Jack McAndrew, aged 4 thinks...“Hhmmm I think we dream because it's too hard to dream in the day and try and win sports day!”

Do black holeS exiSt?

anSwer thiS queStion

Oliver, aged 9 thinks...“Black holes do exist. If a star dies it becomes a black hole as the planet becomes very small. If an astronaut was nearby they would get pulled in and stretched!”

Blake, aged 12 thinks...“Yes, they can suck up other stars and even light which is why they are black.”

What Shape iS the Sky?

anSwer thiS queStion

Asha, aged 9 thinks...“The sky is a never ending sheet.”

Freddie, aged 7 thinks...“The sky is definitely a rectangle.”

What are numberS?

anSwer thiS queStion

Oliver, aged 9 thinks...“A number is what you count with or a value.”

Oscar, aged 7 thinks...“Numbers are things that help you keep other things together.”

Ayla, aged 8 thinks...“They come with their own families called times tables and help you with time because without numbers there would not be time.”