Fruit-Fuel, it's not rocket science!

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created by del monte

Fruit BurSt not only tasteS deliciouS, it can help your child think when they drink!

Stamina for
Growing Brains

Del Monte® Fruit Burst contains vitamins B5, B6, B12 and folic acid which help combat tiredness and fatigue, giving your child’s brain the stamina it needs for a full day of learning!

No Artificial
Colours, Flavours
or preservatives

With such exciting flavours, you might think that Del Monte® Fruit Burst is full of artificial colours and other nasties.

There are absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in our cartons of tasty juice drinks. It’s naturally delicious.

No Added sugar

A juice drink like Del Monte® Fruit Burst needs the addition of either sugar or some kind of sweetener. We understand the concerns about obesity and tooth decay and so we decided that using sucralose, a no calorie sweetener was a better choice for our product range.


Del Monte® Fruit Burst, along with the rest of the Del Monte® range, do not need to be kept in the fridge, leaving you much needed space for packed lunches!

Unique, Delicious
and Crafted Flavours

Del Monte® Fruit Burst offers a truly unique mix of flavours for kids today. We researched flavours that kids love- well known fruits with a twist such as our cool cherry and lime. We made sure that the final flavours were perfected  by asking children to test and approve them.

Our five flavours are tangy, tasty, different and exciting; perfect for growing children. Childhood is about discovery and tasting new and exciting things should be a key part of that.